We got the answers to your questions. If not, contact us direct:
  1. When are you open? Our Showroom is open by appointment. This means we can open up before or after hours based to work in with your schedule. It also allows us to enjoy some time on the water and not be stuck behind a desk all day.
  2. How much is shipping? We charge a flat $100 shipping Australia wide. If you want to organise you're own shipping we are happy to assist.
  3. Do you ship internationally? Yes! We can ship boards and equipment world wide including New Zealand, Japan and Bali. Contact us for a quote but be prepared to pay a little extra.
  4. The board I want is sold out, what do I do? Drop us a line, either via phone or email and we'll be able to let you know when they are due to be back in stock. We can also make special orders if you just can't wait that long.
  5. Why can't I find any Infinity SUP second hand? Infinity owners rarely sell their boards which makes any second hand boards a hot item. There are also a limited number brought into the country each year. This is so our customers can retain value in their purchase if they ever decide to sell. We sometimes have some available on our runout page so keep an eye out.