Buying Used Surf or SUPs

Buying Used Surf or SUPs

Whether its your 1st board or your 50th, punters are always looking for the best bang for buck when it comes to purchasing their next SUP or surf board.

Purchasing a new board at a 'sweet price' can have its pit falls however, especially if you need to upgrade or worse replace it within the first few months.

Your budget may not always mean you can buy a new standup paddle or surf board but that's not to say there aren't any high quality second hand bargains out there.

Here's a few tips to make sure you get the best value for one in the used market:

  • Look for high quality built brands. You can sometimes find boards that retail for $3k plus for less than half price.
  • Research designs. The latest models can sometimes have less performance than previous years or worse, a lower quality build/construction.
  • Know what size board you are after so you can reduce the noise and focus on the size you can or want to ride.
  • Don't risk getting a board that's size is not what you are looking for just because the price is right. 
  • Look closely at the photos/board to ensure there hasn't been any damage. Some people say "No dings" but have just had a neat fix up job
  • Find out the real reason the board is being sold. Don't alway believe the sales pitch.

Follow these tips and you'll be in a better place when purchasing a used SUP. Just remember, it's always a risk, especially if buying from interstate so be prepared.


SUP and enjoy