Buying a SUP? Try before you buy

Whether you're buying your 1st or your 50th board, we always recommend trying before you buy. Even though 2 different SUPs have the same or similar dimension doesn't necessarily mean they will feel the same when you ride them.

If it is your first SUP then why not try hire 1 for an hour to see how it feels. This will give you an idea of what size SUP you will be able to ride comfortably. Make sure you take note of the length, width and volume so when it comes to buying you get the right one. Most river front areas will have a SUP hire setup so why not go to your local and have a chat. And for a small fee it will save you getting the wrong size SUP.

Another option is to try your local SUP shop. All of them will have some demos available to try. It might not be the exact size or colour but it will, once again, give you an idea of what size SUP you can have fun on.

The final option is to attend SUP demo days. These are run regularly, especially in the warmer months and this will give you a chance to try a wide range of boards in 1 spot and for free too!

Remember, try when you can and don't go too small too early otherwise you'll have a SUP you can't have fun on.

SUP and Enjoy