Infinity SUP- It’s all in the family

With the explosion in SUP brands on the market recently, it’s always a good move to find out a little bit more about where the boards come from and the history behind the brand. Being the first year offering high performance production boards in Australia, you’d be forgiven for not having heard of Infinity but once you find out a bit about this family owned business, you’ll realise you’re in good hands


Steve Bohne- Master Shaper

When it all began

They were the first in California to offer SUPs and are one of the most respected brands in the industry but thats not how it all began. Way back in the 1960s Steve Boehne started shaping boards and it was 1970 when he made the first ever Infinity branded surfboard. A single fin with the #1 printed on the tail which now takes pride of place on the wall- it has never been ridden. Since then Steve along with sons Dan and Dave have been pushing the envelope with surf board design and building Infinity Surf Co.

bohne bros

After trying SUP for the first time in 2004 and recognising the potential of standup paddling, the Boehnes started making and designing SUPs and so Infinity SUP was born. Being  second generation shapers, having an old man who is in the International Surfing Shaping Hall of Fame and with Dana Point as your backyard, the Boehne clan had near perfect conditions to research and develop their the SUP range all the while ensuring they kept their roots connected with the surf industry. Dave ‘The Brown Blurr’ Bohne is now the head designer at Infinity SUP. But thats not all, when he’s not making and designing SUPs, he’s racing and surfing them at the elite level with the the other Infinity Speedfreaks- Candice Appleby, Toby Cracknell, Slater Trout, Giorgio Gomez. He is one of the only designers and owners that still competes on the world tour.

The family is involved in the day to day affairs and can always be found at the store or factory doing their thing. Even uncle Baz (Barrie) is seen kicking about. Dan runs the surf side of Infinity with Steve where they are constantly improving the way boards are made and shaped. If you ever get the chance, make sure you pop into the shop and see where the magic is made and fun is had.

infinity shop

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