Going long… boarding (SUP Logs)

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The SUP longboard revolution has been going off of late with crew heading away from the race to the bottom and settling in to the long board style of SUP surfing. 10ft+ surf comps are popping up regularly and its not just the old dawgs styling in the lineup, a few younger crew are getting into it aswell.

Now yes, you could just grab any old 10ft board and get involved and have a fun time but unless you’re Dave Kalama you’re probably just going to kook it. Long Board SUPing is smooth and stylish and as board designs and performance levels change you’ll want to make sure ‘whats under the hood’ works for you.

Whats out there?

Most of the bigger brands have their usual suspects that have been around a while. Naish with the Nalu and Fanatic with the Stylemaster but if you’re looking for something a bit more niche and unique then why not scope out the Noserider from ECS and the Performance Longboard and newly released Dogman SUP from DEEP. Both are east coast based brands with a dedicated following of locals and interstaters alike. Both brands do customs for those wanting to dial their boards in or you can score one of their production boards that are sized for most riders.

There is however a next level log hitting the scene in 2017/18 from the team with decades of heritage in the longboard scene thanks to Surfing Hall of Fame master shaper Steve Bohne. Infinity are going to release their latest performance log for the 2017/18 season called the “New Deal”. These high performance logs have that sleek design and a finish you know only Infinity can do. The sizes on offer are below with colours and volumes due for release later this year.  If you want to stay in the loop or pre-order one, fill in the form here and we’ll make sure you get the heads up before everyone else.

9 x 26 | 9 x 28 | 9’6 x 30 |10 x 27 | 10 x 29 |

Sneak a peak at The Brown Blurr getting toes to the nose on a recent R&D ride. SUP and Enjoy



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