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SUP y’all! Today we’re gonna chat about demo-ing boards. As the weather starts to heat up, so to does everyones enthusiasm to get on the water. And we all know what that leads to- buying a SUP! Now when it comes to buying a board, especially your first SUP, it can be quite a big investment and with all the different brands out there now, how can you make sure you get one you like? Demo them!

So where to demo?

Hire shops

Almost every town or city with a body of water will have a SUP hire business you can have a go on (for a small fee). Its cheap and convenient and are usually right on the water so you don’t need to worry about getting the board from the shop to the water so you can get straight out there. They aren’t always the best boards or the brand your’re after but its an easy way to get involved. Some hire shops are even hooked up with discounts from retailers so that’s something to keep an eye out for as you’ll sometimes get your hire price taken off the purchase price.

SUP stores

SUP stores will normally have a small range of boards available to demo. Now it won’t always be the exact model or brand you want but at least you can try a board of similar shape/size/volume so you know how hard (or easy) riding is going to be. Most stores will let you demo boards for free but make sure you look after them as there are others that will be trying it after you.

Demo Days

Demo days are usually run by brands, stores or paddle groups and are another great (and free) way to try heaps of different boards in a short period of time.

One thing to remember is to not get caught in the trap going smaller than your abilities allow otherwise you end up falling (no pun intended) victim to having to sell your original board and buying another or giving up all together because they are constantly falling in. Now we don’t want either of those situations and thats why you should always demo boards before you buy them.

Demo Demo Demo

Catch ya on the water


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