Infinity Limited Edition LTD Series

G’day paddle freaks! I’ve been asked a heap of times and I’m sure you’re wondering- What makes it a limited edition? Well the short answer is there aren’t many getting made. Infinity pride themselves in their design and quality so they’ve kept the volumes low to ensure each board meets theirs (and Im sure yours) super high expectations.

Each of the boards is individually numbered and although its hard to see in this pic, this 14’ Blackfish has 0065 stamped on its butt. That doesn’t make it the 65th Blackfish made, it means its the 65th Infinity Board made! With only a few countries in the world currently with access to these boards (Japan, The US and Australia), they truly are a limited edition.

This summer there will be less than 100 Infinity boards in Australia and they are getting snapped up quickly by the lucky few, so next time you get look at the Infinity LTD Series board, check out the tail and see what digits its sporting.

Infinity Blackfish 0065

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