Infinity SUP- It’s all in the family

With the explosion in SUP brands on the market recently, it’s always a good move to find out a little bit more about where the boards come from and the history behind the brand. Being the first year offering high performance production boards in Australia, you’d be forgiven for not having heard of Infinity but once you find out a bit about this family owned business, you’ll realise you’re in good hands


Steve Bohne- Master Shaper

When it all began

They were the first in California to offer SUPs and are one of the most respected brands in the industry but thats not how it all began. Way back in the 1960s Steve Boehne started shaping boards and it was 1970 when he made the first ever Infinity branded surfboard. A single fin with the #1 printed on the tail which now takes pride of place on the wall- it has never been ridden. Since then Steve along with sons Dan and Dave have been pushing the envelope with surf board design and building Infinity Surf Co.

bohne bros

After trying SUP for the first time in 2004 and recognising the potential of standup paddling, the Boehnes started making and designing SUPs and so Infinity SUP was born. Being  second generation shapers, having an old man who is in the International Surfing Shaping Hall of Fame and with Dana Point as your backyard, the Boehne clan had near perfect conditions to research and develop their the SUP range all the while ensuring they kept their roots connected with the surf industry. Dave ‘The Brown Blurr’ Bohne is now the head designer at Infinity SUP. But thats not all, when he’s not making and designing SUPs, he’s racing and surfing them at the elite level with the the other Infinity Speedfreaks- Candice Appleby, Toby Cracknell, Slater Trout, Giorgio Gomez. He is one of the only designers and owners that still competes on the world tour.

The family is involved in the day to day affairs and can always be found at the store or factory doing their thing. Even uncle Baz (Barrie) is seen kicking about. Dan runs the surf side of Infinity with Steve where they are constantly improving the way boards are made and shaped. If you ever get the chance, make sure you pop into the shop and see where the magic is made and fun is had.

infinity shop

Going long… boarding (SUP Logs)

Hey Hey

The SUP longboard revolution has been going off of late with crew heading away from the race to the bottom and settling in to the long board style of SUP surfing. 10ft+ surf comps are popping up regularly and its not just the old dawgs styling in the lineup, a few younger crew are getting into it aswell.

Now yes, you could just grab any old 10ft board and get involved and have a fun time but unless you’re Dave Kalama you’re probably just going to kook it. Long Board SUPing is smooth and stylish and as board designs and performance levels change you’ll want to make sure ‘whats under the hood’ works for you.

Whats out there?

Most of the bigger brands have their usual suspects that have been around a while. Naish with the Nalu and Fanatic with the Stylemaster but if you’re looking for something a bit more niche and unique then why not scope out the Noserider from ECS and the Performance Longboard and newly released Dogman SUP from DEEP. Both are east coast based brands with a dedicated following of locals and interstaters alike. Both brands do customs for those wanting to dial their boards in or you can score one of their production boards that are sized for most riders.

There is however a next level log hitting the scene in 2017/18 from the team with decades of heritage in the longboard scene thanks to Surfing Hall of Fame master shaper Steve Bohne. Infinity are going to release their latest performance log for the 2017/18 season called the “New Deal”. These high performance logs have that sleek design and a finish you know only Infinity can do. The sizes on offer are below with colours and volumes due for release later this year.  If you want to stay in the loop or pre-order one, fill in the form here and we’ll make sure you get the heads up before everyone else.

9 x 26 | 9 x 28 | 9’6 x 30 |10 x 27 | 10 x 29 |

Sneak a peak at The Brown Blurr getting toes to the nose on a recent R&D ride. SUP and Enjoy



Demo Bro

Wave SUP

SUP y’all! Today we’re gonna chat about demo-ing boards. As the weather starts to heat up, so to does everyones enthusiasm to get on the water. And we all know what that leads to- buying a SUP! Now when it comes to buying a board, especially your first SUP, it can be quite a big investment and with all the different brands out there now, how can you make sure you get one you like? Demo them!

So where to demo?

Hire shops

Almost every town or city with a body of water will have a SUP hire business you can have a go on (for a small fee). Its cheap and convenient and are usually right on the water so you don’t need to worry about getting the board from the shop to the water so you can get straight out there. They aren’t always the best boards or the brand your’re after but its an easy way to get involved. Some hire shops are even hooked up with discounts from retailers so that’s something to keep an eye out for as you’ll sometimes get your hire price taken off the purchase price.

SUP stores

SUP stores will normally have a small range of boards available to demo. Now it won’t always be the exact model or brand you want but at least you can try a board of similar shape/size/volume so you know how hard (or easy) riding is going to be. Most stores will let you demo boards for free but make sure you look after them as there are others that will be trying it after you.

Demo Days

Demo days are usually run by brands, stores or paddle groups and are another great (and free) way to try heaps of different boards in a short period of time.

One thing to remember is to not get caught in the trap going smaller than your abilities allow otherwise you end up falling (no pun intended) victim to having to sell your original board and buying another or giving up all together because they are constantly falling in. Now we don’t want either of those situations and thats why you should always demo boards before you buy them.

Demo Demo Demo

Catch ya on the water


Infinity Limited Edition LTD Series

G’day paddle freaks! I’ve been asked a heap of times and I’m sure you’re wondering- What makes it a limited edition? Well the short answer is there aren’t many getting made. Infinity pride themselves in their design and quality so they’ve kept the volumes low to ensure each board meets theirs (and Im sure yours) super high expectations.

Each of the boards is individually numbered and although its hard to see in this pic, this 14’ Blackfish has 0065 stamped on its butt. That doesn’t make it the 65th Blackfish made, it means its the 65th Infinity Board made! With only a few countries in the world currently with access to these boards (Japan, The US and Australia), they truly are a limited edition.

This summer there will be less than 100 Infinity boards in Australia and they are getting snapped up quickly by the lucky few, so next time you get look at the Infinity LTD Series board, check out the tail and see what digits its sporting.

Infinity Blackfish 0065

They’re on the water- sort of

The boards have been made and are looking sweet as bro! They have been loaded on the boat- amazingly named California! and are speeding their way to Sydney Harbour.

I had to make the decision to either land them here on the West Coast (in the most remote city in the world) or get them to the east coast on the hope that with the high population and access to more SUP retailers willing to look at them we’ll be able to get them under your feet sooner and easier. I’ve taken time off work and have a 2week road trip planned between Melbourne and the Sunny Coast to show some stores and see whos going to be the first to become #infinityspeedfreaks.

If you want to see them for yourself get in contact with us or hit up your local store and tell them to get us in or you might miss out.

Infinity Whiplash

Taking on the big boys

G’day SUPer stars! I was lucky enough to meet the owner of East Coast Surfboards (ECS) last year, over beers of course, and we’ve kept in contact and I’m super stoked to say he’s looking at bringing his awesome range of SUPs into WA. ECS is an aussie brand out of the Central Coast of NSW who are taking the big boys on, on the world stage. ECS has some of the best and up and coming team riders including Terrene Black and Dylan Henry. Keep an eye on them, they’ll be making (and catching) waves very soon.




To Infinity and Beyond

This is the start of something exciting, not only this blog, but with the opportunity to bring (in my opinion) the coolest SUP brand in the World to Australia.

After months of discussion with the guys at Infinity we’re going to be able to bring the Limited Edition LTD series in for the aussie frothers to start shredding and paddling like freaks on. They have parted ways with Boardworx after a few years and are doing a their premium production boards themselves. Thanks to Dave and Justin at Infinity SUP in America for taking a punt on the small guy down under. I’ll be adding blog updates regularly so make sure you sign up to find out the inside word on the latest at Infinity.


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